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About Page

                  By placing great importance on management strategy to strengthen the brand ind world markets, Mazda has established itself ahead of other Japanese car makers as a leading brand on the world stage. In order to communicate Mazda's unique value globally, Mazda established "World Wide Brand Positioning" (WWBP) in April 1998. Then, in February 1999, Mazda began fundamental development of the WWBP as the brand strategy, at the same time developing the current Mazda symbol and logo. All of Mazda's corporate activities are advancing in line with the WWBP, and Mazda's symbol and logo are prominently placed to catch the customers' eye. Through these initiatives, Mazda aims to establish a single, unique brand image throughout the world's markets. Mazda has developed its business by providing " Zoom-Zoom" cars that are fun to drive. To continue achieving this "Zoom-Zoom" feeling. we see it as our mission to build cars that also provide high levels of environmental and safety performance.

                  Tokyo Drifters is all about top notch and high quality Mazda Branded sport cars. Our model rangers from old school to new school in variety. We also have assorted colors that fit the style of the consumers. If you cannot decide on what model to buy, our company offers many designs to choose from. You do not have to worry about the quality of the cars  we have because we are selling the best of the best quality that there is to offer. We also have a 5-year warranty and our interest rates are very low and affordable. So if you are planning to buy a very affordable yet luxurious sports car you will not have to worry about anything because our rates are very flexible and affordable for all. Tokyo Drifters also sells parts and accessories for all types of models. So when you have some extra cash to spend on we also have a wide range of parts and accessories that can accommodate your kin of taste in style.